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The Darkling Thrush by Thomas Hardy

Amidst the stark grey of winter and the times we are in, comes a song of hope for the future.  It was written by English poet, Thomas Hardy at the turn from the nineteenth to the twentieth century.  One hundred and twenty years later, the message is as meaningful as ever.  Though it begins with this poet's characteristically bleak foreboding, suddenly the poet in him discerns and allows another note of hope brought about by the evening song of the Thrush.  As you may know, the American Robin is a member of the thrush family.  

"During the day, an American Robin, a member of the thrush family, sings a lovely, familiar song of rich phrases. But as the sun begins to set, robin song takes on a different character. From sunset until dark, a robin adds ethereal whispered notes to its carol, creating a song of remarkable grace and complexity. In the high latitudes, where twilight lingers late into the evening, a robin may expand its daytime carols into a twilight symphony that continues for hours" - birdnote.org

We're looking forward to hearing our first evening song this spring!  We hope you enjoy this segment of our newsletter.  The background for the poem is a photo of The Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland, taken by Reg 

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