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Around the Office

Welcome to our 2022 summer newsletter.

We hope this newsletter finds you well and that you are enjoying our Canadian summer months. School is out and fun in the sun is in so plan that getaway before the season slips away. Whether it's a provincial or national park, a vibrant city, your favorite beach or campground, or one of many many summer festivals, we're fortunate to live in country that is ours to discover. Enjoy!!

We recently celebrated Evgeniy's second anniversary with us here at Gallery Wealth Management. He continues to make progress in his studies and enjoys his interactions with clients. He is now responsible for all front office administration, client service, and keeping Reg's calendar filled with meetings. Evgeniy enjoys challenges and will take on projects even when he first needs to learn how to do them. Please join us in recognizing this important milestone for him.

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

- Vincent Van Gogh

Feature Photo

Yellow Warbler

We have more than 50 different types of warblers in North America. Avid bird watchers can often identify the different species not only by appearance. but also by sound. Few combine brilliant color and easy viewing like the Yellow Warbler. In summer, the males sing their song from trees and shrubs across North America. The females are not as bright and don't have the richly colored chestnut streaks. Yellow Warblers eat mostly insects so you're not likely to see them at your backyard feeder. Listen for their singing in spring and summer. The song sounds like sweet sweet sweet I'm so sweet.

This photo was taken in a wooded area near a waterfall in North Vancouver. 

Cool Facts - The nests of the Yellow Warbler are frequently used by Brown-headed Cowbirds who lay their eggs in the Warbler's nests, leaving the Warblers to raise their young. Yellow Warblers are one a few species that recognizes the eggs are not their own but they're also too small to remove the eggs from the nest. Instead, the build a new nest over top of the old one hoping that the Cowbirds won't come back. It is not uncommon to find Yellow Warbler nests with three or more tiers.

Feature Recipe

Summer Grilling 

Grilled Buttermilk Brined Pork Back Rib Tails aka Pork Button Bones

Impress guests without breaking the bank account with this zesty flavorful appetizer.  

Two back rib tails make a good appetizer portion.  Marinade the tails in buttermilk for at least four hours, overnight is even better.  Remove from marinade and allow excess buttermilk to run off the meat.  Season with Hy's Seasoned Salt, ground black pepper, garlic powder, and smoked paprika. 

Preheat your grill to medium.  Turn off one side of the grill, lay ribs on the turned off side and cook until they begin to brown, turning occasionally.  Now open lid and lay ribs on the ON side of the grill.  Apply your favourite BBQ sauce, turn them over and apply again.  Repeat brushing and turning every two to three minutes for a total of ten minutes.  Keep an eye on things to make sure they don't burn.

Enjoy with your favourite beverages!

In The Financial World

 Please see the article in this newsletter titled Of Bear Markets, Inflation, Recession Fears, and Recovery for an overview of where we see things at this time.  It is our belief that it is our job to build high quality portfolios and to develop excellent investors who focus on their plans and stay on course.  Please feel free to let us know if you would like a review of your plan.