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Smart Rooms

Smart Room for Individuals and Families

Welcome to the Gallery Wealth Management Smart Room for individuals and families. At Gallery Wealth Management we believe life is a series of pictures created in our memories. Each picture tells a story. Our team listens to your unique story to develop your "big picture" and create a secure wealth plan. We help you build a supportive legacy through tax and estate strategies that will continue your story to share for generations to come. A successful wealth accumulation and retirement income plan needs to be built around your unique financial situation to help you reach your short, medium, and long term goals. 



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Little Black Book of Scams

The Competition Bureau of Canada has put together a great little booklet for Canadians on fraud awareness.  Please share this with friends and family members to help everyone be more aware of the dangers.

Executor’s Handbook

When you become an Executor you are really becoming a legal Trustee with all the rights and responsibilities that come with that position. This handbook provides you with a solid overview of estate settlement and will hopefully provide you with some useful information and tools to expedite your responsibilities in a timely and competent fashion. Read more.

Will Planning Checklist

There are many decisions you will have to make when you draft a Will. If not thoroughly considered, some of these decisions can have unintended consequences.

Download a checklist here containing some of the issues that should be discussed before you make your Will.

Please contact Allison for assistance

Personal Record Keeper

Take the time to document the important information in your life, such as your household accounts, savings and insurance plans, and who your professional advisors are. Not only is this a convenient way to keep a better handle on your personal and financial information, it also becomes an invaluable tool for your loved ones should anything happen to you. Read more

Being an Executor

Have you suddenly found yourself being required to act as an executor for an estate?  Where will you turn for help when you take on one of the most challenging roles of your life, on short notice?  You could turn to a Certified Executor Advisor.

A Certified Executor Advisor (CEA) is an accredited specialist advising Canadian executors using a team-oriented networking approach. 

CEAs will likely have expertise in one (or more) of the disciplines required by executors and, by taking the CEA program, gain a practical level of knowledge in all remaining areas.  Their relationships with experts in these other areas help them provide executors with general guidance while providing comprehensive support as and when needed. 

Find a CEA near you.

This calculator is for illustrative purposes only and should not be relied upon as an accurate indication of your financial retirement needs. As each individual’s situation is different and changes over time, the results are limited by the accuracy of the assumptions you make in providing the information used in the calculation. I (we) do not guarantee that this calculator is reliable, accurate or complete or that it will be compatible with your computer.