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Our Team

Our team of knowledgeable experts listen to your story and we help families and businesses capture what they value most in life by creating a secure wealth plan as well as a tax and estate strategy.

We want to help you continue to capture new memories of you and your loved ones by building a supportive legacy that will continue your story and be shared for generations to come.

Learn more about our team below.

Reg Braun Photo
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Reg Braun


Reg Braun, CLU, CFP®

Financial Advisor, Manulife Wealth Inc.
Founder & Life Insurance Advisor, Gallery Wealth Management

One of Reg’s greatest pleasures is helping clients achieve their goals; understanding where they stand today, learning about where they want to be in the future and giving them expert advice to build their customized plan. Reg is known for building the best solutions through the integration of personal and corporate assets as well as government benefits to capture the “big picture.” His clients appreciate his friendly and attentive nature.

Reg began his career in financial services in 1987 with New York Life. He has worked as an independent advisor since 1994 and has passed his license in 2006. He works mainly with corporate clients who are looking for services like effective tax strategies, estate preservation and succession planning. He is dedicated to simplifying the process for clients and making sure they understand and feel comfortable and in control of their future.

Having been raised in his family’s greenhouse business, Reg has two green thumbs and a lot of flower gardens that he and his wife, Allison, nurture and enjoy together. Many of their weekends are spent in their backyard with their children and grandchildren. Reg and Allison are both avid photographers and you will see much of their own photographs hanging in the office at Gallery Wealth Management.

Reg is firmly committed to community service and spent ten years in leadership positions with the famous Morden Corn & Apple Festival. He has also served on the Morden Community Development Corporation, was founding Chairperson of the Morden Marketing Team and served on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre. Reg was recognized as Volunteer of the Year by the Morden Area Foundation for his efforts in the local Tourism Industry.

Allison Braun Photo
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Allison Braun


Allison Braun, CEA

Administrative Assistant, Manulife Wealth Inc.
Operations Manager, Gallery Wealth Management

Allison joined the Gallery Wealth Management team in 2012. She is responsible for keeping the office running smoothly and supporting her team. What Allison likes most about her role is meeting new people and constantly learning in an always changing industry. Her attention to detail, commitment to clients and honest, reliable qualities are noteworthy strengths.

Allison holds a Certified Executor Advisor designation. This unique service compliments the areas of expertise provided by the other team members at Gallery Wealth Management. A Certified Executor Advisor (CEA) is an accredited specialist advising Canadian executors using a team-oriented networking approach. Where will you turn for help when you take on one of the most challenging roles of your life, on short notice?

Allison’s interests are deeply rooted in the community. With 20 years experience in Taekwondo, she is a 5th degree Black Belt and spent 10 years running the Morden Taekwondo Club and refereeing with the Canadian Taekwondo Referee Team. Allison has recently retired from instructing Taekwondo & refereeing order to dedicate more time learning important aspects of the business and spending more time with family.

Allison is married to Reg and she has two children and two grandchildren. Allison and Reg love photography and taking their own photos. She enjoys being outdoors, gardening and travel. She was born and raised in Morden, Manitoba and loves giving back to the community having volunteered at the Corn & Apple Festival for 17 years. Allison recently accepted a position on the Board of the Morden Area Foundation.

Chris MacPherson Photo
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Chris MacPherson


Chris MacPherson, CHS, QAFP™

Life Insurance Advisor, Gallery Wealth Management

Chris has a passion for protecting people from unforeseen life changes and making sure his clients are covered. He makes insurance and investment concepts easy to understand and is known for his thorough research to make sure he offers his clients the optimal solutions for their unique situation. His clients like that he is friendly, open and trustworthy.

Chris holds a Certified Health Insurance Specialist designation.  The CHS designation is the only health-insurance focused designation in Canada.   The studies bring proficiency in all areas of health insurance, including income replacement, critical illness, long-term care, disability and group benefits.  The designation sets Chris apart as an advisor with the expertise needed to give our clients the best of advice in this specialized field of insurance planning.

Chris began working at Gallery Wealth Management in 2014, originally starting a career in the financial services industry in Winnipeg in 2007. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to purchase the Dairy Queen in Morden, and soon after, the family moved to Morden. Chris worked hard to train management (including his wife, Dana) so that the restaurant would run well without him.  This was so he could turn his full attention back to financial services; his true calling.  Chris’ clients are predominantly people who are looking for insurance to protect their families, an investment plan for retirement, and helping them save for their children’s secondary education.  

Chris is a proud Canadian and has served in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves. Since coming to Morden, Chris has volunteered at the Corn & Apple Festival where he has been the Chairperson for the last few years. Chris & his wife, Dana, have 4 children. They enjoy spending time with friends, walks around Morden,  keeping fit and seeing good movies. 

Chris is the author of a book called 6 Simple Steps of Personal Financial Management.  The book is intended to provide simple, easy to understand financial principles.  The purpose is to help people take back control of their finances so they can move forward as effectively as possible.   Contact Chris  to request your free copy of the e-book. Email chris@gallerywealth.ca      

QAFP™, QUALIFIED ASSOCIATE FINANCIAL PLANNER™ are certification marks of FP Canada.

Carly Kliewer Photo
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Carly Kliewer

Social Media Manager

Carly Kliewer

Social Media Manager, Gallery Wealth Management

As the social media expert since 2015, Carly enjoys contributing to strengthening the Gallery team’s online presence. She finds the role fascinating and loves sharing information with people about the value and importance of the services they provide to clients. She has the opportunity to reach people who don’t know what they are missing and remain connected with current clients to keep them informed.

As someone who has health concerns and therefore problems with certain types of insurance, Carly is uniquely qualified to present information about insurance and savings. Her primary responsibility is making sure that people have the most up-to-date information about their services given to them in a way that they understand and can relate to. She cares about clients and is open, light-hearted and warm.

Carly is married with two children. Her hobbies include knitting, painting and baking. She also enjoys volunteering at her children’s school. She loves being creative and sharing that creativity with others whether it’s through crafts and bake sales or Paint Nite events. She currently lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Tyler Tilley Photo
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Tyler Tilley

Administrative Assistant

Tyler Tilley


With a career rooted in customer service, Tyler Tilley brings a wealth of experience and a genuine commitment to putting clients first. Tyler showcases a dedication to continuous learning and professional growth.

In all of Tyler's interactions, every client is treated as a valued person. The ethos is clear: providing personalized solutions that address unique needs. Tyler believes that building strong relationships is at the heart of delivering exceptional service.

Away from the office, Tyler is a dedicated family person. Married with two wonderful boys, and their pets, family takes center stage in Tyler's life. Most of Tyler's free time is devoted to spending quality moments with loved ones, solidifying the bonds that mean the most.

Known for an approachability that makes people feel at ease, Tyler is often recognized for creating a connection in just a few interactions. It's a testament to Tyler's genuine care for the well-being of the public and the determination to ensure that everyone's needs are not just met, but met with excellence.

Looking ahead, Tyler aspires to grow and thrive within this profession, driven by a vision of providing the best possible lives for family and clients. With Tyler, you'll find a professional who combines expertise, a client-centric focus, and a dedication to making a difference in the lives of those served.